We live in uncertain times. We can fear them or we can laugh and enjoy life as much as possible. I’ve chosen to laugh and I hope you have too. The economy is iffy, if it goes the wrong way many of us, including me could lose our jobs. At my age, (yes, I am in my late fifties, thank you very much) it won’t be easy to find another. Then there’s the possibility of war with Iran, home grown terrorism, and my belief that Tony Romo will never lead the Dallas Cowboys to the Superbowl.

Before We Go Any Further…

Let’s get one thing straight right away. This blog reflects my views only, certainly not the views of those who employ me, are married to me, or are parented by me.

I’ve spent a total of three decades in the nonprofit sector along with shorter careers in outside sales and in retail. But I came to understand that I was motivated most by mission, which is the ability to help others, not by money. Also, the two times I took jobs that paid straight commission, the country dived into recessions.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in the nonprofit sector where I have no doubt that I’ve made a difference. That, to me, is enormously satisfying and is more than enough to offset the lack of stock options.

From 2005 to January 2012, I wrote a blog called the Customer Service Experience. If you know me from there, welcome! I wrote about customer service, customer relationship management (CRM) social media, and similar topics. For several years around 2006, I also wrote a blog for Relay For Life volunteers in Central Texas. That blog as well as my first one on customer service have since been discontinued.

My Warning Label

This blog, Laughing In The Face Of Danger, frees me to take on a wider variety of topics.  My goals are to become a more effective writer and to learn more about various topics that catch my interest. By writing about those topics and publishing them, I’m forced to learn more, organize my thinking, and translate that thinking into coherent writing. Unlike other blogs, I’m not trying to sell you a product or a point of view.  But I warn you, I’m a bit of a contrarian, I love puns, and I really enjoy satire.

Follow me on Twitter. I’m @txglennross

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